Dog Friendly Review – Cuckoo Brow Inn

Dog friendly hotels, b&b’s and cottages reviews courtesy of the legend and expert that is Mac the Border Collie.


Cuckoo Brow Inn

The humans took me and my new brother for a walk near Hawkshead last weekend. Although I’m still unsure if I completely like my new brother, I do very much enjoy seeing him try and chase me around as I’m much faster than he is!
The walk was brilliant and I got a really nice chicken treat for not chasing the sheep we saw. I love being out on the fells, jumping over rocks and across streams. I also like it when the humans go for something to eat after a walk, a bet you can’t guess why….

This weekend they went to the Cuckoo Brow Inn and me and the little one were both allowed inside which was brilliant. Yeah, treats again and before the humans even got their drinks! Now, that is the sign of a good establishment. I spied at the end of the room a fire so I dragged the humans over to the table near there. One can not waste a real fire to lay in front of, can one and I was snook a little morsel of meat from one their dinners, very nice.


For any of my fellow doggie buddies, I would very much reccommend the Cuckoo Brow Inn and B&B in the Lake District as both my brother and I were made to feel really welcome and we got some lovely treats.