New Lake District Boutique Hotel Looking Big!

It’s not far off if what I saw when I drove past was anything to go by. The new hotel on the Langdale Estate. It’s going to be called Brimstone, or Brimstone at Langdale for it’s full title as per the website.

It’s rare you see such large structures going up in and around Langdale or in Ambleside for that matter so it is quite an exciting prospect I think and one that I would love to have a look around, By all accounts, it’s not your average hotel. Its aim to be a 5 star hotel when graded and everything looks as though it’s pointing that way. I’ve stayed at the Langdale Hotel in the past and know how lovely it is in there so Brimstone must be something uber special to beat it.


According to the website, they’re all going to be self contained suites with private parking and a balcony. There’s going to be a concierge service, in room or balcony spa treatments and as with the rest of the Langdale Estate, sustainable energy use.
I’m really pleased sustainability is going to be high on the agenda for this new Lake District boutique hotel, Brimstone Hotel. The more new build hotels and even other business sector premises than have sustainability at the forefront of their build the better and it will hopefully make other businesses follow suit.